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purchaser - by , Jul 23 2013, 03:48 AM
4/ 5stars
The transaction has been satisfactory. The product is as described and delivery times are acceptable.
NC700 center stand - by , Nov 12 2014, 09:31 AM
5/ 5stars
Typical Honda quality. Top Notch. It fits perfectly. Install with the springs was a little tricky but the utube video helped
produto muito bom - by , Oct 31 2013, 19:09 PM
5/ 5stars
otimo produto e muito atencioso , recomendo.
NC700x Center Stand - by , Nov 05 2013, 22:33 PM
5/ 5stars
Service from Superbike Toy Store was excellent. The center stand that I ordered came days sooner than promised. The center stand is a genuine Honda accessory and installed easily. The instructions included were good and everything bolted right up. One helpful tip is to get a piece of strong cord, like parachute cord to install the spring. Tie one end of the cord to the spring and the other end to the rear wheel of the bike. Push the bike forward to stretch the spring. When the spring is stretched to the proper length, push the spring onto the spring clip and cut the cord. Remove any remaining cord from the spring and the wheel before operating motorcycle.
Good service and product works. - by , Oct 05 2014, 03:02 AM
5/ 5stars
Quick and easy purchase. Installed by myself with out a spring puller, so it wasn't easy but doable if your creative. Works like a champ.
Honda Center Stand - by , May 23 2013, 05:41 AM
5/ 5stars
NC700 center stand was pretty easy to install and works great, gives you a lot more room in the garage when it stands upright.
Honda stand - by , Jun 11 2013, 15:42 PM
5/ 5stars
Great shipping
Nice price good quality - by , Jun 22 2013, 11:49 AM
5/ 5stars
I have searched for Honda genuine center stand. This is the best price I found. Parts also came with an installation instructions.
Centerstand - by , Jul 11 2013, 07:50 AM
5/ 5stars
Nice product, good service, and great price. As good as it gets.
center stand - by , Jul 16 2013, 17:26 PM
5/ 5stars
It looks great, went on easy. Works well. Great thank you.
Just like advertised - by , Aug 26 2013, 14:30 PM
5/ 5stars
This should be the first thing you buy for your new bike. Makes everything else you do with your bike so much easier. This site had the best price; the transaction was quick as was shipping. Attaching the stand was easy; mounted it to the bike first and then used 550 cord tied to the rear wheel to hook the springs.
nc700x center stand works perfectly - by , Oct 28 2013, 20:04 PM
5/ 5stars
first let me say the shipping was very fast it only took 2 days to get to my house. it is a Honda Manufactured part with higher quality than most and everything fit together perfectly. the only trouble I had was with installation of the dual spring mechanism. I really should have used a spring puller with a longer handle. I was able to do the whole job by myself though. two things you will need is some grease and some Loctite. I use the heavy lithium grease which seems to be working well. you probably should use red loctite but I used blue and it's working well also. the stand is stable on flat surfaces and has just the right amount of travel before it stows itself off the stand. it is also a smooth action to get the bike on the stand. it makes it so easy to clean and lubricate the chain but I know I'll get way more miles from the chain and sprockets. and let's face it the NC 700 X is not a sport bike by any means it is a commuter bike that does everything pretty well. I know that hurts to hear but it's true. spend $125 you'll be very happy.
Great Addition! - by , Nov 04 2013, 13:05 PM
5/ 5stars
I should have ordered the center stand when I ordered the bike, but hindsight is 20/20. Adding the stand, however, was pretty easy - except for the springs which I expected. The quality of the stand is excellent (after all it is Honda OEM) and it works great. Installation took about 15-20 minutes and the most difficult part is the springs. The instructions recommend a spring puller and if you can get one it would be a great help. I managed to do it without, following some instructions I found on the internet. Overall, not too difficult. Superbike Toy Store had the best price I found for the stand and the shipping was free. That's two big pluses in my book!
Central stand for my NC700 honda - by , Nov 29 2013, 04:29 AM
5/ 5stars
I just knew the SuperbikeToyStore by chance, surfing on internet and searching on Google. That's a really very serious establishment, and I had no worries neither delais in receiving my purchaises! I have already bought a genuine honda windscreen, and all the products were exactly how described and genuines from the Honda interprise. I strongly recommed shopping in this site! Rodrigues, from south of Brazil
Best price around! - by , Feb 04 2014, 20:13 PM
5/ 5stars
First motorcycle I have bought that doesn't come with a center stand as standard equipment. Looked at the after market models available but being a value conscious buyer, I decided to go with the OEM part. Searching dealer and OEM resellers brought me to the Super Bike Toy Store, where I found the best deal on price and shipping. Arrived about 7 business days after ordering. Satisfied with the service and the Honda part works very well.
Just right - by , Jan 06 2015, 21:31 PM
5/ 5stars
Perfect fit, great Price, arrived on time, who beats that?!!!
I don't want to add a title - by , Apr 23 2014, 22:39 PM
5/ 5stars
It's oem at a cheaper price than the oem sells it for. Don't know how they do it but they do. Took about 10 days for delivery.
Excellent fitment - by , May 24 2014, 14:36 PM
5/ 5stars
Genuine Honda part. Welds showed a little lack of coatings. Fit like a champ. Took about twenty minutes to unpack, read the instructions and inventory parts, secure it to the motorcycle, and hook the springs. The trick to getting the springs on without buying and trying to use a proper spring pulling tool is to loop suitable piece of cord or wire to the spring(s) end then tie the other end tightly to the rear wheel mag spoke. Roll the bike forward until the spring hooks are beyond the loop in the stand - this takes some push and you will want the bike in gear so it doesn't roll back. Push the spring end into the loop in the stand then cut the cord or wire with a pair of diagonal pliers. Presto. Done. Safely. Why pay more? Should have been there from the factory.
Bike Stand - by , Jul 11 2014, 22:23 PM
4/ 5stars
Does the job, needs to be fitted by a dealer unless you have a very strong spring puller and hoist.
Great!!! - by , Jul 26 2014, 22:26 PM
5/ 5stars
Sadly, I have not yet installed the center stand, but it's OEM and I don't foresee any problems. I'm writing a review of the service from Super bike toy store.... They gave me the best price, and I looked, and the shipping was quick and painless. Good service deserves good reviews. Thanks guys, I can't wait to install it and have an easier time of chain maintenance!
Great Center Stand - by , Aug 01 2014, 06:13 AM
5/ 5stars
Great OEM center stand, quality product, well built. First purchase from Superbike and I was very pleased with purchase.
Works 4 Me! - by , Aug 04 2014, 07:20 AM
5/ 5stars
Heavy duty and purposeful, this center stand fits right into its surrounding on the bike (2013 Honda NC700x) without issue. It was easy to install and has already come in handy on multiple occasions whether I'm cleaning the bike, maintaining the chain, or just parking in the motorcycle in the garage where space is always an issue. The price is right and the Superbike Toy Store did a great job getting it to me in a timely manner. If you don't have one, GET ONE!
Great stand at a great price. - by , Aug 28 2014, 20:43 PM
5/ 5stars
Easy to install, and works like a dream. Plus the shipping from was fast and free!
Center Stand - by , Mar 02 2015, 10:16 AM
5/ 5stars
I found it was the lowest price on the Honda center stand. It is very easy to install but you need a method to pull that spring. I used a simple ratcheting strap and pulled from the swingarm and it worked fine. The stand works as it should and is good quality.
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Genuine Honda Center Stand - Honda NC700X (2012-2015)

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Genuine Honda Center Stand - Honda NC700X (2012-2015)

  • Sturdy stand provides more secure parking options on variable ground surfaces and simplifies working on bike's rear wheel.
  • Utilizes unit presets.
  • Designed to be use on all NC700X models only